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1222 days ago, Keith created this page in support of WWF.

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My Story

This week I will be wearing my tiger onesie to work and school to help WWF to raise awareness and fund to protect endangered species and their habitats.

I've been supporting WWF for much longer than Facebook and Twitter have existed and even though it is sometimes considered inefficient by some, they have inspired me greatly and I really do appreciate their work on protecting biodiversity and combating climate change. They were the first NGO that ever reached to me and I can still remember that my first proper volunteering was a door-to-door survey for them, I was in year 9 then. I've become more cynical since then and I've seen stuff that keeps challenging my faith in humanity but I've always trusted WWF and I probably always will.

This is why I'm support WWF for their work on biodiversity and wildlife conservation by joining this campaign and I ask for your kind donation to make it possible for WWF to keep up the good work they've been doing till now.

To get an idea of how far your money can go,
For 25 dollars you can help provide care to an injured turtle or establish linking passages between natural reserves making it possible for endangered species to communicate and reproduce. For 50 dollars you can help save snow leopards from culling through compensating local farmers' livestock loss. For 100 dollars you can help shutting down wildlife trade routes and protect tigers from poachers.

But of course, any little bit counts. No matter how much you give you will all help WWF to save invaluable habitats and species from disappearing (and you will be relieved to hear that at least 92% of your donation will go directly towards conservation).

To know more about WWF's work you can check out their website here http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/

Thank you all again for all of your support, either though donation or sharing with your fams and friends. xxoo Keith

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